100 buckets!

Yes…. 100 cherry buckets picked in a day by one person!

Congratulation Lory!

In January 2018, in 8 hours work, Dunstan Hills had the best record ever: 100 buckets! Which is an average of less than 5 minutes per bucket… and Lory did it!

It is important to know that cherries are all singled out, pre-sorted (quality), and pickers must use the ladder to do top and bottom. 

It was the good year for it, big cherries in this block, very loaded trees, nice weather and of course lots of experience…  Lory has been working at Dunstan Hills for more than 9 seasons now. He is what we can call a professional picker.

What a record!

Here are few pictures we wanted to share when he was picking his 100th bucket…

You can see his wife Noellina proud at the end!