New podcast suggestion: Serial, a big success

Autumn is back, it is time to download new podcasts!

A big success to season 2: Serial (click to check the website).

Serial is a podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig, first released in October 2014 as a spin-off of the radio program This American Life. The series was co-created and is co-produced by Koenig and Julie Snyder.

Using investigative journalism, Koenig narrates a nonfiction story over multiple episodes. Episodes vary in length. New episodes were originally available weekly, but partway through the second season the schedule was revised to every other week.

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Podcast: a partner for work


This article is to introduce you to the wonderful world of podcasting. I discovered it about 2 years ago while I was pruning in winter. When you prune 5-6 months of the year (very repetitive job in cold winter), listening music 8 hours a day can start to be boring!

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