Dunstan Hills Team

A multinational, professional and friendly team.

Head of Operations
Ian grew up in Nelson and moved to Central Otago in 1993 to focus on stonefruit production. He is dedicated to the pursuit of growing excellence with an intuitive approach and a deep respect for the land where he believes true quality begins. What he loves most, is the fact that no two seasons are ever the same and the Central Otago’s unique climate presents a new set of challenges each year. Ian recognizes that it takes more than one person to grow quality fruit and is proud to be part of a great team who share his passion in producing the finest quality stonefruit.

Orchard Manager
Elton was born, schooled and lived the first 22 years of his life in South Africa before making the move to Alexandra, which has now become his home. His journey of the stonefruit industry began in 2008. Since then Elton has amassed a remarkable experience of growing and nurturing the fruit trees through the endlessly fascinating changes of seasons as well as harvest operations at all levels. He joined the Dunstan Hills team as a Supervisor in 2014 and was appointed Orchard Manager in 2015. Elton enjoys spending time with friends and his other passions of golf, rugby and football.

Cherry Harvest Manager/H&S Co-ordinator
Tim Officer grew up and went to school in Southland and spent 4 years at the University of Otago before moving to London to work in Accounting.In 2016, Tim moved to Alexandra to work at Dunstan Hills. His first role was in pruning then progressed to Cherry Supervisor and in 2019, Tim was appointed the Cherry Harvest Manager and Health and Safety Coordinator. When not working, Tim enjoys running and watersports in the beautiful Central Otago region.