VIDEO: Transplanting trees- work and landscapes-


In early Spring, we transplanted cherries trees from a block to another one in the orchard. It was a really big and hard work, but it also gave us an opportunity to admire stunning views that we don’t see so often. The block where the trees come from is called: Mystery block because it is the most far and highest block.

To share this beautiful landscapes with you and also show how we do the transplanting, Pat, Diogo and Daniel did this video. The pictures will present a big area of the orchard, and it will show you the job involved when we plant/transplant trees. You will be able to see the trees how they look like few weeks later with their leaves. Go ahead to watch and let us know if you enjoyed it!

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Time to thin apricots

Few weeks away from apricots blossom and we already can see lots of baby apricots in the trees. Spring has been particularly warm which means that trees have been well pollinated. It means as well that we are going to have a lot of apricots to thin! 

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